Current stuff and news and so on.

A collaboration with an American ambient/glitch-producer from NYC is planned. It will be probably more experimental, really different stuff. I can’t say a lot about it at the moment.

A new album is expected for fall. No title, artwork or tracklist yet. It’s a bit like “this is iii!”, maybe more aggressive. But still no happy record, no beautiful music. Still with lots of field recordings showing the decay of our modern world (yeah, that sounds nice).  If you have nice ideas for track titles or artwork, let me know! Please!

Another album is expected for fall. It’s a post-rock-album which I made together with a friend for mine. He was responsible for the “rock” parts, I was responsible for the ambient/experimental bits. It will contain lots of found sound again. The album won’t be released under the name of “Stefanus Strom”.

More info on this a.s.a.p. so stay tuned. thanks :)



There is no There.

Here is no Here.

Welcome to my blog. It will deal with music and stuff.

With music that I made.

Under the alias of “Stefanus Strom”.

Stefanus is Latin for Steven, Strom is German for current, gush, power, electricity.

A pretty pointless name, don’t you think? But a nice alliteration. (Actually I don’t like alliterations. But now it’s too late to change the name of the artist.)

Here is no Here. There is no There. Where is no Where.

Where is nowhere?

I’d like to answer that question with my music.