New Track: Clutter During Downpour

Hi, folks. New track.

Clutter During Downpour – 5.07 min.

Download Clutter During Downpour for free here.

Might be published as a bonus track for my upcoming second album Presence Loop.

Clutter During Downpour, a mixture from glitch and dark ambient, was inspired by works of Derek Piotr, William Basinski  and Christian Fennesz, who I recently saw live and I was surprised by his brilliance. This track is a nice warm-up for Presence Loop and I hope, you like it. If you do, please spread the word.


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Excuse me for that shitty headline, but it looks pretty … um… pretty cool.


2 NEW albums are finished. Is that awesome or is that awesome? It’s probably just mediocre and boring, but at least I am excited.


I should stop making all those paragraphs and start to talk about the real stuff.


So… here’s the first album. It’s my 2nd album after “this is iii!”, which you still can download for free here. The name of the second album is “Presence Loop” and consists of one 63-minute-long soundscape, split into 11 tracks.

Cover art: Stefanus Strom / Annette S. (This is only the first suggestion of the album cover. If you find it stooopid or have a better cover, please tell me!!).

This album is a bit more aggressive, more propulsive than “this is iii!”. It’s the result of 13 months of work. I worked on both albums, iii! and Presence Loop, at the same time.¬† Of course you can download this album for free when it’s published.

Tracklist: tba.

Date: probably October 2010.


This is the first album of Exc!amation Disko, a new post-rock project by a good friend of mine and myself. My friend played thee geenious e-geetar and thee dizzy drums. He also sings a little bit and we both play with a rusty metal xylophone. I added samples, ambient, drones, experimental stuff and found sound. The record is about 60 minutes long, 3 tracks. Yep, only 3 tracks. Every track is about 20 minutes each. Those lengthy songs are pretty diversified, experimental and… quite casual. This is the cover:Cover art: Stefanus Strom. The name of the album is “The Collapse of nearly everything”, which is a pretty ironic title. That’s why we chose it.

It’s a collage of post-rock bits, instrumental impro, weird samples, ambient drones, field recordings, shortwave transmissions… you’ll like it if you like post-rock and my music.


1. Space: Do Jesus Things – 21.44
2. And all the Party People jumped into the Fires – 19.23
3. Shiny Leaves in Wasteland Void – 19.25

Date: probably November/December 2010.

That’s all for now. But as you see, there will be a lot of trouble in the next weeks. So stay motherfucking tuned.