“Presence Loop” now released

The official 2nd album by Stefanus Strom got released. Hooray! From now on feel free to download it, to spread the word, to remix it, to write about it, to create awkward fan-art (well, um…).


The blog “VIOLETCURRENTS” by the inspiring ambient act Blues4Spacegirl wrote a bodacious review about the album. Here are some excerpts:

Xenophobia in its many forms seems to be a recurring theme, and so are bigotry and war crimes. They aren’t overtly condemned. Here’s the really scary part of the record. The field recordings portray them in a deadpan, as-is manner. The true evil that oozes through the album lies in the mundaneness of its topics, addressed in a heart-wrenching way by the closing track’s protagonist.

Read the full review here.

(Yeah, by the way: any feedback about the album would be nice. Comments, reviews, shouts at last.fm… whatever! I’d be very happy!)

(More info about the album can be found at the “Presence Loop” page.