My third album was released a few minutes ago. And you can download it here!!!

It was already announced for November or December 2011, I know. But school exams and all that stuff kept me busy. Sorry about the delay though.

Well, nevertheless it’s released now and this day, one of spring’s last days, is actually a very apt date to release it as this album has a rather distinct “summer” feeling. It’s sounds very sleepy, very empty yet filled with a huge amount of field recordings, sounds and other sources.

If you have any questions about the album, if you want to know anything about it or about me, about the music, sounds and samples – or if you want to ask me some questions for a fancy feature article in your hip music blog – go ahead and write an e-mail. I’d love some feedback: mmlampin(at)googlemail(dot)com

If you write any reviews or something else about this album – please contact me via my last.fm account or write me a mail.



01. Infirmary Glume 2.25

02. Waves I (Radiation) 3.59

03. Laughing at Anna 4.52

04. Get Rid of Your Lovely Mouth! 6.54

05. Go Home, Get Home, Stay Home, Fuck Home, Die Home 7.35

06. Waves II (Rippled & Airborne) 3.31

07. Waving About & Mosquitoes 2.11

08. Flying Around & People 4.47

09. Waves III (Media and Pain) 10.44

10. I Am Pretty Much You 11.42


==Some thoughts on the record==

Although my first 2 albums had recurring themes and topics (“this is iii!” basically dealt in most simple and most abstract terms with medial representation of atrocities whereas “Presence Loop” was about the current state of the United States), my new album “I Am Pretty Much You” is basically an amalgam of various things and topics: cosmopolitic feelings vs. ways how to distribute things vs. silently burning west winds vs. wastelands of hot media. It is about the connection of media and pain, sound and death. References include books like “Understanding Media” by Marshall McLuhan or “White Noise” by Don DeLillo.

“I Am Pretty Much You” is a collection of various tunes, manufactured in a period from July to December 2011. I tried to capture our white noise of cultural and civilizational engineering with this record, our disorientation. Although I’m pretty sure that most of you will think of the record as the “most happy record” by me, for me this is my most depressing, gloomy and quiet record. However: most of this was created during a very happy period of my life. Yet, I somehow understand why (at least) I associate this album with those vague feelings of loss, desperation and soulless void. But there is hope. Somewhere, hidden in communication.

(THANKS TO: N, Max W, Brian, Andi, Jens S, Johannes, Malcolm W, Jan H, Thomas, Klaus, Maik.)

love, s. strom.


The album’s last.fm page where you can download some tracks of it.

The actual Mediafire download link.

Mail: mmlampin(at)googlemail(dot)com