this is iii!

Stefanus Strom - This is iii! (2010)

Stefanus Strom

“This is iii!”


Prom Nights turn into deployments.

Deployments turn into Marches.

Marches turn into Battles.

Battles turn into Wars.

Wars turn into Ruins.

Ruins turn into Schools.

Schools turn into Prom Nights.

Nine miniatures for listening, being frightened, thinking.
produced, played, edited and “composed” by stefanus strom.
some sounds were recorded by myself, most sounds are from annette s. and the free sound society.
this piece is licensed via creative commons-by-nc-sa.

thee mighty trakklist:
1. concrete/ourdogateourbaby 6.36
2. franco-canadian shortwave outrage 4’15”
3. Constructivism is – everything else is not 9’28”
4. Qq($) 8.51
5. The 1000-dead-zombie-preachers requiem 9’34”
6. we set paul bildt’s corpse on fire. 9’12”
7. Genua Schools filled with Seattle Static 5.31
8. concrete eats baby pt. 2 4.19
9. deserted and slow 4.30

total running time: 62:16
experimental, collage, samples, drone ambient.

Listen to it during endless train rides during endless nights.
Listen to it while trying desperately/in vain to fall asleep.
Listen to it while veryfying and refuting theories.
Listen to it while dusk.

Piano in Track 10: M. Codsi.

“…+ thee 1000 dead zombie preachers;
standing on thee hills – 2many2count – ;
preaching as yr. flesh may falllll
on thee (rotten;&) blessed ground”

dance me deserted and slow.

Listen to it. Try it at least.
Think about it. Try it at least.


What some people say:

“If you like gloomy ambient stuff like Set Fire To Flames or GY!BE than I think you should totally check this out.” – Sad Birds in the Sky

“Real soothing and beautiful.” – Populärmusik och sant

“This is psychedelic Dark Ambient in the most experimental way, easy to lose yourself in it and to drift away and definitely the best thing to get some paranoias from. Nontheless, you need to have this tried out before saying “I know what ambient music is”, ’cause this is iii! which probably means that it’s freakying spooky and not beautiful to listen to.. but interesting. interesting.. interesting.. ‘tresting.. ing.. ing… ng…..

(After reading this review I thought like “fuck, it sounds like I didn’t like the album”, but it’s actually one of the most *.* “wow, this is genious”-things of the last glassforest weeks, btw)” – The Glass Forest


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