Presence Loop

Stefanus Strom

Presence Loop

1st October 2010


Algier Radiowaves On Tape But Off The Reel – 6.27
Limbo – 13.03
Tribulation – 4.22
The Hill The Plain – 6.02
Fog Density Lifted – 6.46
The Maze of the Landlord – 1.47
Presence Of Mind Sensing – 4.13
Racial Profiling – 11.04
Glenn Beck’s Valhalla – 4.31
Come heal their Income – 1.30
…and I fear for it – 3.44

Total: 63:26 min.

An one hour lasting soundscape, combining ambient works, field recordings and soundscapes and emerging into a pretty intense album. If you liked “this is iii!” (also known as my debut album with the terrible album title) from June, this is basically the grimy, angry winter-edition of that album. It’s more aggressive, more evil. But still it can evoke feelings of fear, loss, but also hope hope hope.


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What some people say:

Presence Loops takes the concept even further. The second album plays less fractured, more focussed, and above all, even darker. Where iii! is a scorched archipelago of soon-to-be-ruins, Presence Loops takes form as a monolithic wasteland.

With more ambient drones to string the field recordings together, it’s tempting to call this record more ‘musical’ than its predecessor. Indeed, opening track ”Algier Radiowaves (On Tape But Off The Reel)” quickly develops into a distorted drone that rivals GY!BE’s Divorce and Fever in sheer melancholic beauty. “Tribulation”, “Fog Density Lifted” and “Come Heal Their Income” are also surprisingly easy on the ear. At its core, however, I don’t think this record is about tonality or timbre. By the time the closer “…And I Fear For It” comes up, Presence Loops has made a fierce impression through slow burning uneasiness, and a hint of thee mystery&wonder. – VIOLETCURRENTS (Blues4Spacegirl)


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